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Server management

Do you, for example, have a Synology or a Mac mini at the office and do you use it as a server? Then it is wise to outsource the management to a reliable IT partner. We keep the server in optimal condition for you by monitoring it 24/7 and carrying out immediate maintenance when necessary. You will receive a monthly report on this with associated advice for the long term.

Always a healthy server

We ensure that the software on the server is constantly up-to-date and monitor internal health.

No surprises

With our extensive monitoring, we ensure that you are never faced with unwanted surprises (and the server suddenly breaks down, for example).

Complete management

In addition, we take care of the management of users and the setting of associated folder rights so that you don’t have to worry about anything anymore.

Additional Services

Remote updates & restarts

Naturally we ensure that the server is regularly restarted outside working hours and we also carefully plan updates together. After updates or major maintenance have been checked internally by us, we make clear agreements about when maintenance will be performed. This way, your server is always in top condition during working hours.


It is extremely important that there is always a recent online backup of all files. We also recommend that in addition to an online backup, you also have an off-site backup of the files on the server (based on the 3-2-1 backup rule). We offer server space here to run this backup. Would you like to know more? Read more on backup management. If you purchase server management from us, the making, checking and verifying of this backup is free.

Server management includes the following activities:
Monitoring of servers

uptime, user accounts, overall health

Server management

Maintenance work
Malware scanner

Creating user accounts

incl. set-up of rights per user

Creating VPN accounts
Control and manage server access

With solid entry/exit policy

Remote updates

(scheduled outside working hours)

Remote restarts

(scheduled outside working hours)

Making and verifying backups
Online backups via BackBlaze
Keeping server documentation up-to-date
Periodic reporting of server status
Advice related to this report



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Avoid unnecessary delays

It pays off to monitor and proactively manage your IT infrastructure. With Managed Services you securely house all IT matters at PIT Pro. Everything is monitored 24/7, including backups of all servers, computers, laptops and devices. You can always contact us for support, issues or advice.

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